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Hiya, I am sexy Roxanne, I am after a nice and generous man who knows how to treat women with love, care and respect, someone with the financial ability to look after my daily bills, someone who will spoil me rotten, this arrangement will be a mutually beneficial arrangement where I will be willing to spend the day or week with you as your mistress as long as all my finance needs are met, please note that i am not a prostitute or escort, I am a young girl who is facing some very bad financial hardship, I require some money to build a new house in my hometown in Russia for my parents and one for me in London, at the moment they are homeless staying with my younger sister and her husband, I am willing to be your sugar baby if you are willing and able to assist me in raising this money or at least contribute to it, I will accept between £150 to £1,800 to spend from 1hr, 10hrs,to 12hrs with you at any given time, contact me today if you are interested.

To book me, you would need to pay an initial £100 booking fee via this website or £150 directly to me when you see me face to face, follow the link below to make your booking, once i receive this fee, i will give you my location so we can meet up for a drink or more.

Booking Fee Link : 

Please note that to book me you will have to follow the paypal image above to my booking page which is, once you are there simply put a / sign after my name Roxanne along with the amount you would like to pay me, for example the booking fee is £100, so to pay me £100 go to this link

   and the £100 amount will show up on my booking page, follow the links now to book me xx

Please note that i do this as a means to raise money to buy a house for myself and my parents, am not a prostitute, and i do not want people wasting my time hence i collect a booking fee.




Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 80kg
Cup: C
Bust: 34
Build: Curvy


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My rates

Minimum 1hr booking @ £150 


 10 hours @ £1,500  




12 hours Booking @ £1,800


24hrs Booking  @ £2,500


If you would like to book me for a week or take me on a holiday, then make that clear in a text message to me at  : 07438198280 


1hour @ £150 / 10 hours @ £1,5001 Hour
2 hours@300 / 12 hours------------------ £1,8002 Hours
24hrs--------------- £2,500Overnight